Ghana goes to the Polls

Hi everyone. As some of you may know, today Ghana goes to the polls. I did my part and have my badge of honour to show for it. Maybe I should say my finger of honour, as we have to dip our hand in some ink to prove we voted and to serve as a disincentive for those who would otherwise want to cast multiple votes. Why anyone would want to go through the trouble of queuing for hours at multiple venues is beyond me, but apparently some people do/did.

Apparently, international observers decided that Ghana’s democracy is now mature enough not to need independent observation. I don’t know about that, but I can say that it was a peaceful affair at the polling station I went to. The queue was very long, though, and it was clear that voting would not be complete by 5 p.m.

Right now, we’re all keeping out eyes glued to our TVs for the counting of the votes, so I will talk more about elections over the coming week.



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Drinking Milk Makes You…

Fart Sounds

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Apparently, most black people are lactose intolerant. I think the real statistic is that all black people have some degree of lactose intolerance. Go figure. Milk is supposed to be good, but our bodies resist it? Like the entire race of us? Wow!

Anyway, that’s not exactly what this random thought it about. The other day, I was more than happy to blame my temporary case of excessive gas to a glass of milk I’d taken an hour or so earlier.

Which reminded me of something I used to wonder about when I was younger. It’s simple: what would the world have been like if farts were colour (rather than smell) coded? You know, instead of releasing foul air, you emitted a temporary cloud of a given colour.

Basically, take away the smell; add colour.

Random thoughts:

  • It would be difficult to pretend is wasn’t you
  • Even smell-impaired people would know what you did
  • It would make it easier to know whether or not your baby has done the boo-boo without having to smell the diaper



  • Would farts still be funny?
  • Would we still have to excuse ourselves to go fart somewhere private when the need arises?
  • Would ‘colouring the air’ be a cool thing?
    #1: “Hey, see what I can do!” *fffffssshh* <green cloud>
    #2: “That’s nothing. I can do this.” *poo* <red cloud>
  • Would there be a Picasso called, The Fart?

What do you think?

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